Web Safety Rules

Member Protection: All changes must be made in the Spirit of Scouting.

  1. Names and information about youth members shall not be published on the web without good reason. Good reasons include recognition of achievement and providing names of program leadership.
  2. Pictures of youth may appear on the web as long as no personal information is associated with the picture.
  3. Under no circumstances shall the address or phone number of any member, youth or adult, be published on the internet.
  4. E-mail addresses may be published if worthwhile benefit to the program would be achieved.

Please report and/or edit out any violations and notify the webmaster immediately (mailto: moc.rr.ck|srewotsd#moc.rr.ck|srewotsd). The page in question will be modified or deleted. If necessary user rights will be revoked, in which case our adult and youth leadership will decide if any further action is needed.

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